A versatile Message-On-Hold System

An inexpensive high quality audio player for your everday usage.

Product Details

The DVSD-3000 is a highly reliable audio playback system designed specifically for Message On Hold applications. The system can be connected to any phone system at a store, office, or warehouse. It has the accessibility to be played from an SD card or from a USB memory key. There are two audio outputs with level control, and tone adjustment.

Product Specifications

• Supports both .WAV and MP3 files • High speed USB 2.0 host port • Adjustable tone control • 15kHz audio bandwidth • Adjustable dual output (8 Ohm/ 600 Ohm) • Integrated monitor speaker • Audio message lengths completely dynamic • High quality playback support of up to 2GB memory • Excellent signal to noise ratio and dynamic range

Product Resources

Spec Sheet: DVSD-3000
Manual: Operation Guide
Quikey: Connectivity Detail