A single integrated device that can manage up to four different subsystems.

Multiple channels of audio playback, signage control, PA microphone interface, automatic level control,

and the amplifier...Anything else you need?

Product Details

The DADS-MB701 is our third generation in vehicle playback system. It is a fully featured automated next stop destination announcement and signage control device. It incorporates two audio outputs with associated text for the internal channel, industry standard J1708/J1587 triggering, automatic level control and highly reliable operation in a ruggedized package!

Product Specifications

• High Reliability/ ADA Transit Rated • Two Channel, High Quality Audio • Integrated 20 Watt Amplifier/Channel • Automatic Level Control • Digital transfer via USB memory key • Integrated Memory Database Storage • Variable Message Sign Support • J1708/J1587 Triggering • RS232 Auxiliary Communications Port • Backwards compatible with DADS-A1214 systems

Product Resources

Spec Sheet: MB-701
Manual: Operation Guide
Quikey: Connectivity Detail