Want a multi function, scaleable platform for playback and

repetition of audible and visual information?

DADS is the solution for medium to large scale public address, text display, paging

(both pre-recorded and live) and intercom applications.

Product Details

DADS supports up to two channels of audio playback. Typically these channels are used for public address, passenger information and advertising purposes. Beneficial in applications such as in-vehicle where a message plays inside the vehicle while a different message plays. The DADS is able to associate text messages with the pre-recorded audio announcements. This allows the system to provide simultaneous audible and visual messaging.

Product Specifications

• Automatic Messaging System • Handset Interface • Convenient Route Updates • Computer Interface • Vacuum Florescent Display • Monitor Speaker • MackNet Interface • Public Address System Interface • Intercom Interface • Passenger Emergency Communication Interface

Product Resources

Spec Sheet: DADS In Vehicle
Manual: Operation Guide
Quikey: Connectivity Detail