A tiny, but very mighty, Audio Recorder/Playback system.

Built in Amplifier, Status Relay, Local and Remote capabilities!

Product Details

The MiniMac2 offers hours of audio storage with excellent audio quality. The system allows for the recording of up to four messages, with any of them being enabled for repetitive playback, or all messages can be played in sequential mode. Audio messages can be recorded locally using the integrated microphone or line input, but can also be recorded in a studio and downloaded over the high speed USB port.


Product Specifications

 • Supports both .WAV and MP3 files  • Digital Transfer via USB Memory Key • On board recording capability • Over 16 hours of audio storage capacity

• Adjustable dual output (8 Ohm/ 600 Ohm) • 15kHz audio bandwidth • Integrated monitor speaker

• Multi-message sequencing capability • Compact size (6.5”W x 1.2”H x 4.5”D) • Manual control for record setup, start/stop, select, and speaker enable

Product Resources

Spec Sheet: MiniMac2
Manual: Operation Guide
Quikey: Connectivity Detail