Mackenzie Design Services

Our manufacturing organization is all about quality. We can relate to your business and offer a unique messaging solution based on industry experience and exceptional customer service.

System Planning

Let us know what you need to accomplish and we will work with you to create a project roadmap.

Hardware Design

We can design equipment with exactly the functionality that you need to get the job done right.

component selection

We leverage our relationships with industry partners to deliver the best supporting components available.

Software Design

We can provide software services to create and deliver messaging content effectively. (application & firmware).

System Integration

We can work with you to pull it all together and ensure a flawless messaging environment.

Electronic & Mechanical Assembly

We offer internal resources geared toward fast, short run production.

Transit Systems & Related Equipment

Mackenzie is making a difference in transit applications with innovative solutions for ADA compliance and passenger Information Systems. Our “Digital Audio/Display Systems” (DADS) are designed to be modular, highly customizable systems could meet exacting standards for any customer requirement concerning in-vehicle communications. Should any new specification come up, we can react quickly to the need by modifying the hardware or firmware as necessary.