One of Mackenzies finest product suitable for the standard telephone line.

Product Details

The DVTEL-3000 is a powerful audio messaging system intended for Message-On-Hold and storecasting applications. The system is designed to be operated remotely by the messaging provider. The DVTEL allows for two independent channels with the potential for their own background music, messages, and schedule.  A single system is able to support two message-on-hold ports, message-on-hold and storecasting channels or two different storecasting zones.



Product Specifications

• Supports MP3 files • Built-in fax sensor • 20kHz audio bandwidth • Integrated monitor speaker • Compact size (10”W x 1.5”H x 8”D) • 16MB Memory (64 minutes) • Level controls • Line level and amplified audio outputs • Background music input • Interna 33.6k modem

Product Resources

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